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A Guide to the ARMY Discussion Room Discord Server

This article is divided into four sections:

  1. Introduction to ADR
  2. ADR Rules
  3. Discord Basic Usage
  4. Discord Advanced Usage (optional)

Section 1: Introduction To ADR

The ARMY Discussion Room Discord Server, also known as ADR, is a group chat which began during July 2018 as a way to try to bridge the gap between ARMY of all backgrounds after many black ARMY were the victims of race-based harassment on Twitter and their suffering ignored. Most of the members who entered did not know each other previously but were all deeply upset by the recent events and the atmosphere on Twitter. There was generally a feeling of helplessness and loneliness shared among us.

Within a few weeks, our outlook on the ARMY fandom as a whole was much improved by our experience speaking to one another as equals. We hadn’t realized before that having a safe place to speak and know others will listen would be so powerful. Naturally, the discussion expanded to cover more issues than just those that were race related, and that is how the server got to be the place it is today.

It is important now more than ever that we keep our most sensitive discussions away from the prying eyes of the media and antis, and are able to speak freely to each other without the fear of being “cancelled”. Everyone who can respectfully and maturely take part in the discussion deserves a place to be heard, regardless of follower count or otherwise. We don’t always agree, but we can walk away from discussions with those who have opposing opinions having gained knowledge instead of the need to become more defensive.

Please be aware before joining: this is not a place to share tea and fangirl/boy. We are not always serious and like to have fun much of the time, but the main goal of the server is productive discussion and not gossip.

If you would like an invitation to ADR, please message @BTSARMY_Guide on Twitter. After you open the invitation link, you will be given instructions on how to complete a short screening application before you are allowed to proceed to the discussion rooms. This is in place in order to maintain a respectful and secure community. Sometimes we will need to ask a few more questions in order to make sure you will be a good fit for the community. After you have been approved, you will be given the “New Recruit” role, which limits the number of channels you can see by about half until you feel comfortable using Discord.

BTS ARMY Guide and ARMY Discussion Room are partners whose goals both are to promote healthy discussion within ARMY. The opinions expressed by ADR do not necessarily represent the opinions of BTS ARMY Guide and vice versa.

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Section 2: Rules

Violating any one of these rules will result in disciplinary action in accordance with ARMY Discussion Room rules. As always, if you are unsure, please ask an Admin for help. 

  1. Using derogatory or racist language. We do not discriminate against any ethnicity, race, religion, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, or differently abled individual.
  1. Posting NSFW/self harm/graphic/other triggering content. NSFW is allowed, but only in the NSFW channel. If you would like to post something that might be considered graphic (such as to spread awareness for reporting an account), privately contact an Admin first.
  1. Insulting another member of the server (However, if something offensive was said without thinking, let the one who said it know and discuss it first).
  1. Discussing the contents of the discussion outside of the server, publicly or privately. In particular, screenshots must be watermarked with your Twitter username and approved by everyone included in the screenshot as well as at least two Admins. 
  1. Engaging in behavior that is directly or indirectly harmful to BTS or ARMY, such as (but not limited to): spreading rumors, gossiping, disclosing private or privileged information (including BTS’ whereabouts or offline social interactions), doxxing a member of ARMY or BTS.

Note: Members may be automatically kicked after 31 days of inactivity unless they have stated prior that they will be inactive for a time and intend to return. This is usually done in bulk on a certain date of each month. Members who are kicked due to inactivity are welcome to return at any time and do not have to reapply using the application.

Guidelines for Good Communication

1. Prioritize statements with “I think” or “I feel” rather than “You said” when giving your opinion in opposition to someone else’s, the person you are talking to will not get defensive, and we are here to share our points of view, not fight. Opinions are not facts.

2. Stay calm and if need be take a break or a step back and reflect on the issue.

3. Avoid “black and white” thinking. Acknowledge and accept that multiple perspectives can be equally true even if they appear to be contradictory or are not in agreement with your own perspective. This does not mean that you have to agree with or accept every opinion. It does mean that you recognize that an opposing opinion can be true and valid from someone else’s perspective.

  1. Avoid the use of labeling, blaming, or judgemental language. (ex: “That person is an idiot!” versus “That person behaved in a way that was not very smart.”). People are not their behavior.
  1. Try to use constructive criticism when disagreeing with someone else. To do this, state what you disagree with, why you disagree with it, and what you believe should be done instead.
  1. Make an effort to understand the perspectives of others. Ask yourself, “If I put myself in their shoes, how would I think/feel/act?”
  1. Be aware of your own biases. All of us view the world through a particular lens based on our past experiences, which sometimes skews our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Be mindful of how your lens may affect your emotional reactions and thoughts. Not everyone has lived the same experiences as you and each of us has something constructive to bring to the discussion.
  1. When discussing sensitive or important issues, provide evidence or a logical argument in support of your position.

Section 3: Discord Basic Usage

Discord is a completely free messaging, voice calling, and video chatting app available on the following platforms:

It is the most similar to Skype but is much more functional. You can have DM’s, group chats of up to 10 people, and servers with an unlimited number of people.





image5 (1)


Channels are like chat rooms. On servers, you can create text channels (type only, indicated by a hashtag symbol) or voice calling (voice call only, indicated by a speaker symbol) channels for different topics for organizational purposes. They can be restricted based on roles.

If you are having mic issues, check the audio settings in Discord. This is done following the same procedure as changing profile info. (see below)

Text Channels Example


Voice Channels Example


Note: No one can hear you unless you are in a voice channel, so you do not need to worry about your mic being turned off or on otherwise.

Desktop: Turn Off/On Microphone

89764532 - Copy.png

Mobile: Turn Off/On Microphone


Pinned Messages

Messages can be “pinned” in each room. To see these messages, check the symbol of the pin in the upper right corner (desktop) or click the channel name while you are in that channel (mobile).

Desktop: Pinned Messages

89764532 - Copy (3)

Mobile: Pinned Messages




if you type @ and start typing a username, you will get a list of people or roles to select. This will give that person or everyone with that role a notification. In addition, you can notify everyone on the server with @everyone. Please use this sparingly and only when needed.



Notifications on Discord are highly customizable. You can mute the entire server (get no notifications at all), only get notifications for mentions or certain channels, and create special exceptions to the settings for a specific channel.

Note: It is suggested that you mute #bots to avoid spam.

Desktop: Edit Notification Settings


Mobile: Edit Notification Settings



You can react to a message with an emoji using the following methods. If the emoji is already there because someone has reacted with it before you, you can click on it to add yours. To remove a reaction, click it once more.

Desktop: Add a Reaction


Mobile: Add a Reaction


Profile Info

You can edit profile info such as your username, password, or profile picture by doing the following.

Desktop: Edit Profile Info

89764532 - Copy (2).png

Mobile: Edit Profile Info


Section 4: Discord Commands

This section provides additional information about advanced Discord functions. None of the information is necessary to participate in discussions in ADR and can be completely skipped over. 

Note: Do not include the brackets [] when typing commands.

Self Assignable Roles

  • .lsar to list self-assignable roles

How to add/delete An Assignable Role to yourself

  1. .iam [name of role] to add the role (example: .iam OT7)
  2. .iamn [name of role] to remove the role (example .iamn OT7)


– do not include the @ sign
– one role per message
– include any emojis found in the role name


  • .atl [name of language the text is in]>[name of desired language to translate to] to set translation languages
  • .at to translate

Custom Reactions

  • .lcr to list all custom reactions

Note: if you have an idea for a custom reaction, tag @Admin and post what you what the reaction and trigger to be.


  • +birthday [dd/mm/yyyy] to add your birthday
  • +birthday remove to remove your birthday
  • +birthday month [month #] to show all birthdays in a month


  • +profile to see profile
    • +profile description set [description] to set description (300 chars maximum for normal users, 500 for premium)
    • +profile description clear to clear description
    • +profile timezone [timezone abbreviation & +/- hours from GMT] to set timezone (ex. +profile timezone EST +5)
    • +profile lang [lang id] to set language
    • +badges shows full list of badges
      • +profile displaybadge to set display badges
      • +profile displaybadge to reset display badges
      • +profile displaybadge none to display no badge on your profile.
  • +rep [@user] to give another user rep


  • +market to see market
  • +market buy [number] [item name] to buy an item from the market
  • +market sell [number] [item name] to sell an item back to the market
  • +market sell all to sell all of your items
  • +iteminfo [item name] to see item’s info
  • +itemtransfer [item name] [@user] to transfer item to another user
  • +useitem [item name] to use item
  • +mine
  • +fish
  • +transfer [amount of money without $] [@user] to transfer credits
  • +opencrate [crate name] to open a crate
  • +daily to claim daily credits
  • +loot to loot the chat for free items
  • +gamble to gamble credits

Hello, I'm Ella. I'm a psychology student from the USA and my native language is English. I became an ARMY in January 2018 and have never had a bias. In addition to BTS, I love books, anime, manga, food, sleeping, spending time with my cats, and writing poetry. You can find me on Twitter as @castles_of_air.

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