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ARMY Academy, better known as @armyacademics, is a Twitter account dedicated to ARMY students who need help with high school or college studies.

They are divided into 5 accounts, each account covering one field.






They work as a bridge between tutors and students. Everyone who wants to participate must fill the form depending on what you need help with or what you want to tutor. You can find forms under the pinned twit.

ARMY Academy is completely free since they are here for students. Once admins find you a tutor, it’s up to you for further progress in studying. (More info on the account).

I was lucky enough to catch an interview with the actual creator of this amazing project.

Here is what she has to say.


Hello! Everyone would like to know who is behind the screen. So please, let’s start with introducing yourself.

Hello, Paula. My name is Fernanda but I prefer to be called Fer. I live in Peru and am also a student in college. I plan to major in Computer Science. Technology is one of my biggest passions so I hope I can provide some knowledge to ARMYs too. I’ve been an ARMY for several years and I truly love being part of this fandom.

How did you become an ARMY?

One of their videos popped up on my timeline and since I’m a curious person I clicked on it immediately. Everyone knows what comes next. I would like to say that I found BTS at the perfect moment because I was struggling with some personal problems. Since then I have never left and never will. I consider BTS and every ARMY as a family and I’ll never stop thanking them. Also, BTS is the only Korean group I support.

How did you decide to do this project? Have you thought about this alone?

I have always liked to volunteer. I tutored kids at my local library, helped with organizations, workshops, raised donations…This shows how much I want to help people. So months ago, I saw an ARMY tweet asking for help in Maths and I solved a few exercises but I also saw other ARMYs offering help too and I liked that.

The message that BTS offers us has always been on my mind. ARMY is special because I know that we wouldn’t think twice when it comes to helping each other and that’s exactly what BTS promotes. They gradually change our way of thinking. Finally a month ago I decided to start the project in order to help everyone who struggles with school.

I didn’t have to create an account because I already have 7 for voting so I just chose one. I changed the name, the layout and that’s how the journey has started.

You kind of already answered on what makes you do this, but is there anything special to add?

Ah yes. I owe BTS and ARMY so much. They changed my life and saved me. I know that I’ll never finish repaying them for all the things they have done for me indirectly. So if I can help with academics, I definitely will.

How did you feel when people started to give you recognition for your hard work?

I remember the first time someone quoted my tweet thanking me. I was so emotional I literally cried. A lot of people were grateful, saying they were so glad to be part of the ARMY. Whenever someone thanks me, I thank them back. This is really emotional, I promise I’ll work harder to provide a better system in the future.

Don’t overwork! You have already done so much. When did you know the project was a success? Can you pinpoint the exact moment?

It was when the first person thanked me. If I could help at least one ARMY then I accomplished my goal.

What was the process of making this project come to reality?

I will admit that in the beginning, I didn’t plan this so well. I didn’t expect so much support when I started so we had a lot of difficulties. But when DMs started to flood my notification bar, I knew I needed help. My first two admins helped me organize things better: creating forms, spreadsheets, improving the system etc.

When did you start to ask for more help?

I didn’t think about admins at the beginning, but when I was too busy answering DMs, tutoring and making the forms, I knew I needed help. My first admin was a girl who went through so much with me. I cannot thank all of them enough. Army Academy wouldn’t be working like it does now if it wasn’t for them. They suggest me things and help me decide.

What’s the most important thing that your team has accomplished?

I think creating new five accounts. The process was so stressful, but when we finally opened the accounts, we felt relieved. I am so proud of the team because everyone helped even though they had other things to do. We are glad those days ended.

What qualities make you good for this job?

Me? I think organizing such a good team was my best move so far! But there is also the fact that I love helping so much which means I take things seriously, so I’m always working harder to improve.

Can you give me some examples of the most and least desirable aspects of the process of this project?

The most desirable aspect is definitely helping even more students every day who have different backgrounds, ages, languages. The fact that someone achieves their goals because of us is just amazing.  Another thing would be creating more courses. ARMYs DM us saying they would like to teach different topics. Lastly, we all have met new people, making our lives a little shinier than before.

On the other hand, the least desirable aspect would be working with spreadsheets and a lot of data each day. If we aren’t organized, students are the one affected at the end.

Thank you, Fer, for sharing this with other ARMYs. I’m sure they will be motivated to participate in something too. It was an honor meeting you.

No, thank you, Paula, for letting me talk about something that makes me extremely happy.


It was such an amazing experience to sit down and talk with such an intelligent person like Fernanda. The conversation kept flowing and it wasn’t awkward at all. She was more willing than anyone to share what it is like to maintain something this big. She is sharing the vibe that the fandom truly needs right now. Checking this account will make you think about all the positive things our microcosm can do. With the right people, an idea becomes reality.

We all really appreciate her as the creator, but what about admins of 5 other accounts?

”We are a group of seven main managers who work together to provide you a better system. We all speak different languages, come from different countries (Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, and Italy).  There are different qualities and talents, but we work harder each day to make Army Academy a better place for all ARMYs.”       – Your Team

While spending some time with these amazing people, I realized it really takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make a system work. It makes you appreciate other people’s efforts much more than before.

Behind the scenes are always interesting to see. I hope you enjoyed a little chat between Fernanda and I and that it stuck with you. She would appreciate if you stopped by @armyacademics.

∼ Paula

Hello! I'm Paula. I live in Croatia, Europe. Currently a student at Medical School. My motivation is BTS and my passion is the idea of publishing something in the future so this feels like a very good start. I also like to read and write a lot, but I lose my free time on TV shows. Find me on twitter: min_pa7

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