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ARMY Etiquette – Under official tweets

Whenever BTS or BigHit tweets, within minutes they gather hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets, with almost as many replies. However, when you scroll down these replies, looking for translations perhaps, or maybe an interesting conversation, you may instead end up drowning in fanchanting or spamming messages.


Replies to tweets being the most direct form of communication we have with BTS and BigHit, the spamming may make that communication more difficult. So what can we do to try and make the communciation more fluid?


Moreover, spamming often happens under tweets from other verified accounts, such as media, KPop facts or chart news, or when locals discover BTS on their own. In such cases, it is easy for people to get annoyed with the sheer amount of pointless comments and simply shut out any communication with ARMY.


Here is a small guide to make a few things clear:


Under BTS’ tweets:


  • Send heartfelt messages. Telling the members how they helped you, what you achieved thanks to them, will surely make them happy if they stumble on your comment, and seeing how much they mean to you will cheer them up if they are tired or sad.
  • Translate, or hype up translations. The main reason some of us go to the comment section is to find a translation of the tweet, since not everyone has learned Korean. Making these translations visible will ease the communication visibly.
  • Ignore haters or negative comments. Their only aim is to get attention, so the best way to interact with them is to simply ignore them. Even by replying to such comments, you bring it up the thread of replies and increase the likeliness of BTS or other ARMY’s seeing the reply. Moreover, replying to it also brings the tweet to the timeline of anyone who follows you, which just spreads the negativity.



  • Spam. Fan chanting and spamming pictures may be useful to vote for awards, or help with Social 50, but it is counterproductive as it blocks more meaningful comments. Moreover, fanchanting has a risk of getting you shadow-banned, which will limit your reach on Twitter.
  • Ship. Ships are private ARMY matters, regardless of your view on them, and should not be imposed onto the members, which means when any member tweets a selca with another, or a message to another, seeing messages focusing only on a relationship that could potentially go beyond friendship misses the point, as they are simply trying to celebrate their friend and themself.


Under tweets by other verified accounts


  • Spam. Like before, it will drown meaningful replies, and most likely annoy the original poster. It will paint the fandom as a thoughtless ARMY who is only good at chanting names and posting pictures, when we are so much more than that, we are sometimes theorists, sometimes marketers, philanthropist and so much more.
  • Talk about BTS when the tweet from Big Hit may be about TXT, the new boy group. It’s rude to assume everything is about BTS when that is not the case, and will make things unnecessarily difficult for their fandom.


To conclude:

  • We’ve several times had proof that the members read our tweets, sometimes even without being tagged. This means they most likely read the replies to their tweets as well. Why not shape these replies into a safe space, in which we could share the way we feel without being limited ?


I am 19 years old, French and American. Apart from being an OT7 ARMY, I am also an engineering student, and when I am not watching BTS videos you can find me watching movies, series or anime, listening to music, reading fantasy novels or playing video games.

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