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ARMY Flowerpath Pledge

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Warning: This Twibbon is not for aesthetic purposes. It is a commitment. If you do not take the pledge or do not wish to follow, please refrain from using it. Remove your pledge Twibbon if you break the pledge by certain actions or behavior. However, sometimes we do things out of emotion and without thought, in that case, realization of your actions and an apology would suffice.

The ARMY Flowerpath Pledge was started in June anonymously and was spread through Twitter. If you add the Twibbon, it will overlay the symbol to your Twitter profile picture.

If you are looking for the pledge in another language, please see this thread.

Hello, I'm Ella. I'm a psychology student from the USA and my native language is English. I became an ARMY in January 2018 and have never had a bias. In addition to BTS, I love books, anime, manga, food, sleeping, spending time with my cats, and writing poetry. You can find me on Twitter as @castles_of_air.

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