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@ARMYxCulture – Celebrating diversity and discussion among ARMY

Hello ARMYs all over the world! Let’s take a step forward to being more accepting and loving towards each other. Let’s celebrate diversity instead of making it a barrier. Let’s end the cycle of ignorance and hate by sharing and learning.


And so it began. An idea was formed to bring ARMYs all over the world together. To share our differences in religion, culture, customs, or how beautiful the land we come from is.


Picture credit: @armyxculture

To help us understand and appreciate each other better, to bring down barriers, stereotypes, and misconceptions so we could learn more about our diverse fandom and lessen the misunderstandings.

The goal was to celebrate cultural diversity instead of making it a boundary.
It launched on Twitter on the 23rd of March 2018 with the hashtag #BTSARMYCultureDay.

It was well accepted among the ARMY fandom and we got to learn more about daily life, religion, struggles, festivals and beautiful places all around the world. We learned about historical moments, we nourished our musical tastes by listening to amazing artists, broke stereotypes, got hungry and shared recipes of delicious food and drinks, fed our fashion sense with pictures of traditional clothing, learned about holiday traditions, and in between-formed new friendships and widened our knowledge and better understanding of ourselves.

Here are some examples of posts from #BTSARMYCultureDay:




















You missed it? No worries, more BTS ARMY Culture Day celebrations are to come again soon, so don’t forget to follow @armyxculture on Twitter, and in the meantime, you can still go through the hashtag on twitter and enjoy ARMYs diversity.


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