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BTS can change your life

I’m that type of a girl who is always part of a fandom, let it be music or tv shows, I’m always there. Throughout my life, I’ve been called a crazy fangirl quite a lot, but it’s not something that should faze you. People just don’t know your story yet and those who don’t want to listen aren’t worth your time as you are thinking about their words.

Around this time last year, 2018, I decided to give BTS another chance. Now, why did I say another chance? Where I live, Croatia, you are easily judged on so many different things; fashion, music, way of talking, you name it. Just because it’s different, it’s wrong. That’s the mindset that most people carry around here. One day youtube recommended me BTS’ song Fire. It just came out and apparently so many people on the Internet were crazy about it and BTS in general. My curiosity was never fed enough so of course, I watched not only Fire but every other MV of theirs I could find. It didn’t bother me that they were Korean or that they were singing in Korean or that they even wore makeup. It was another culture and I was ready to accept it, but apparently, when I mentioned them to some people in my environment, all hell broke loose. I was mostly laughed at and it was followed by  ”they sound terrible” and ”they look like girls”. I was once again scared I wouldn’t fit in and I stopped listening to their music back then.

I’m telling you this story just so you can learn from my mistakes. There is no need to be ashamed of what you love, even if that makes you different from others. That’s good! Every person should be unique in their own way because that’s YOU and no one should have control over YOU. You decide what you love, it’s how you spread your horizon, it’s how your brain becomes more valuable, just because you are learning new things.

2018 became such a meaningful year for me. I was absorbing so much new information just because I decided I should be the creator of my own life and I pressed that play button on youtube for BTS’ song. Now this will sound completely cringy, but they truly taught me how to love myself. Every lyric that ever came out of their mouths was extremely powerful and it had its own meaning. The speech they gave at the UN in September made me even more proud of my own actions and decisions I have made during the whole year and it made me accept everything I’ve done in the past too.

”And maybe  I made a mistake yesterday but yesterday’s me is still me. Today I am who I am with all of my faults and mistakes. Tomorrow I may be a tiny bit wiser and that’ll be me too. These faults and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest stars and constellations in my life. […] No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, your gender identity – just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself.” –RM, BTS

I almost missed this. I almost made such a big mistake because others dictated my every move. But that was just because I allowed them. No one was doing it on purpose, I was just giving their words much more value than what they had. You should be a master of your own life, but don’t get too greedy and egoistic. Know your limits and know from whom you should learn more. I chose music. BTS taught me that I only live once, that forever exists, that I should love myself and study hard. They showed me family isn’t based on blood and that sharing is good. Teamwork makes the dream work. Haters gonna hate but dreams are important and that I should do everything in my power to make them work, but I should also be patient and humble.

They changed my life. Are you ready to say yes to music that makes your heart beat no matter what others say?

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Do you want to share your ARMY story? Feel free to do so in the comments. I’ll make sure to respond!

Hello! I'm Paula. I live in Croatia, Europe. Currently a student at Medical School. My motivation is BTS and my passion is the idea of publishing something in the future so this feels like a very good start. I also like to read and write a lot, but I lose my free time on TV shows. Find me on twitter: min_pa7

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  • Ella A. 🐳

    Thank you for sharing your ARMY story! I’m glad you decided to take charge and embrace what you love. Becoming an ARMY has made me more confident in expressing my love for everything I love, including BTS of course, whether it’s in large or small ways. I know that no matter wherever I am, there is an ARMY 15 million strong who support the same cause as me. I’m okay with being “weird” if “weird” is something as meaningful as being an ARMY. Thank you BTS and ARMY, for helping me find my voice!

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