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#BurnUpTheComments – Give BTS better comments on Youtube

Why does #BurnUpTheComments matter?

BTS’ recent Billboard chart accomplishments are sparking attention more than ever; the curious and trend-seekers will be flocking to BTS’ most recent music videos. But will they stick around for BTS later?

If the top Youtube comments under BTS videos are meme-filled, arguments, boyfriend fantasies or rants about BTS’ looks, it will turn away potential new listeners or worse, dismiss BTS as artists.

This project has the objective of encouraging ARMYs to write constructive and helpful comments under BTS’ music videos to show the world why BTS are such great artists.


#BurnUptheComments – Samples

The first step to giving BTS better comments on their Youtube page is acknowledging what unproductive comments are. It is great that you want to share your enthusiasm and love to the boys and the rest of the world, but making comments like “his abs just punched me in the face and sent me flying into outer space” or “J-Hope can use his harness on me anytime”, while funny, are not useful or thoughtful compared to all the hard work BTS has done over the years. We want to create a better image of BTS Army because we are tired of the general public’s views on us and I know you are too. We all know, and BTS knows, that we are more than “obsessed fans” and we want to prove it. The more insightful and thoughtful comments appear on their youtube page, the better chance we have of controlling our narrative and giving our boys a better opportunity to be recognized as artists.

What are “Productive” comments?

  1. TheoriesPost your own interpretations or borrow any theory available on the internet. Note: If the theory can be traced back to a single army, do source them.

EX: For Fake Love “Is it just me or does it seem that they were all trying to kill themselves? Like they couldn’t handle the pressure of being someone they weren’t/ someone they hated and JK saw that and decided to save them by choosing Jin to help them.”

2. OpinionPost your own views of the song and the video; talk about what you liked, what caught your attention etc etc

EX: DNA is such a perfect romantic song! I love that they connect the universe, fate and our DNA to woo their special someone. It reminds me of my favorite DW quote about us all being made up of stardust. If we’re all special because we’re made up of galaxies and the stars, then a soulmate would be made of the same stardust I am.”

3. Anecdotal Post a meaningful experience or memory that the song or video brings to mind for you.

EX: “Listening to Spring Day is always a pleasant pain for me. It’s a beautiful soothing song, but it reminds me of my late nana and our final moments together. So while I cry listening to this song, the lyrics put a smile on my face because like they say “the morning will come again” and I will eventually see my beloved nana again when the flowers bloom.”

4. MetaphorsExplain metaphors used in the MV

EX: “They are continuing the story started in HYYH era but metaphorically. The characters aren’t really trapped in a big house: in the video, six of them are trapped in rooms with their fears (Snickers for J-Hope’s character relating back to how his mother abandoned him and his lingering fear of not being loved), and cannot reach out to others despite Jungkook’s efforts to go through the house and find them. This symbolizes how this group of friends, initially very close and always together, are indefinitely separated after many circumstances driving them apart.”

EX: “The phone turning to sand in V’s hand may represent communication between all of the characters, especially V and the others, progressively stopping until they cannot call each other to help, thus giving the Save me/I’m fine upside down writing in V’s room.”

5. Talk about BTS – Write a few words on BTS music or who they are; mini introduction, their roles in the group, their stories, etc etc.

EX: “In case anyone is wondering about all the fuss over Jin and his singing, it’s because he has such an amazing voice but wasn’t given many parts to sing. Listen to Awake to see what I mean about his amazing voice!”

6. LyricsTalk about the lyrics and post the translation in your choice of language. Note: Make sure you credit the translator if you are using someone else’s translations. 

EX:  These lines I dumped myself into the lake/I buried my voice for you/Over the winter lake I was thrown” give me absolute chills. No pun intended. Not only would someone just grow numb, but eventually die because of hypothermia but of drowning as well.  Buried is an interesting choice of word for describing what would happen in the lake. Or is that just me?”

Not confident in your writing abilities or not sure where to start?


  • Is there a line in [insert song] that resonates with you?
  • Who were you most excited to see/hear in the song? Did they meet your expectations?
  • Fake Love talks about hiding your true self to please others, have you ever done the same and why?
  • What are the best places to listen to [insert song]?
  • How would you describe your version of a fake love?
  • How did you feel the first time you listened to [insert song]?
  • Is there a symbol BTS use in their music/lyrics/videos that you particularly love? What meaning does it have to you?
  • Is there a detail that struck you when re-watching that you hadn’t noticed at first? What is your interpretation of this detail?
  • What part/scene of the video is your favorite? Why?
  • How has BTS’ ‘Love Myself, Love Yourself’ message affected you? In what way do you think it is incorporated into the lyrics to [insert song]?
  • Have you shared this song or video with friends/family? What were their thoughts?
  • Briefly write an introduction to BTS and their Music to General Public to help them know about BTS.  If you can be creative without resorting into stereotyping/memeing them then we’d have a higher chance of GP remembering them.
  • What do you think about fashion in Fake Love MV? Does it say anything about the storyline? Would you wear that kind of clothes?
  • Does vocal and rap line mix well together? Share your thoughts on that topic.
  • What part of the choreography made you rewind with amazement?
  • What is your favorite part of the choreography?
  • BTS’ lyrics moved a lot of people. Do you feel powerful after listening to their songs?
  • In the beginning of the music video, the boys come out or unravel behind Tae as he sings, how does this choreography match with their last title hit “DNA?”
  • Listening to “Fake Love” and “DNA”, how are these two title songs similar? How do they differ?
  • Do you think “Fake Love” accurately portrays the dark side of Love?
  • Listening to “Fake Love”, what do you think is worse, lying to yourself or lying to others?
  • Describe how you felt the first time you heard BTS’s music. How did you discover them?
  • What do you think about the music video now that you know there was no computer graphics used?

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