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September 2, 2018 6:25 pm  

There are many different streaming methods circulating around the platform for Youtube, Spotify, and other streaming services. There is no general consensus on what is the most effective. When it comes down to discussing the methods, people tend to get very heated on the topic. It is complex, which is one major difficulty we have in properly discussing this with limited characters. For this reason, we have decided not to promote any particular streaming method. However, we would like to make the different ones known. 

We will now present streaming methods that we've found. Feel free to add any that you can find, as well as your thoughts on anything posted. 


  1. @HisAnswer_ - regular streaming
    1. Reminder that whatever the streaming method you're using, some rules never change:
      1. Don't pause
      2. Don't pass  
      3. Watch in 360 p or more  
      4. Watch till the end  
      5. Don't skip the ads  
      6. Don't replay the MV
  2. @HisAnswer_ - embed streaming
    1. So open YouTube in your browser, click on the 3 dots and choose " desktop" .
    2. Then go to the MV, click on "share" ( partager here ) then on "embed" ( intégrer here ) , and select the WHOLE link and copy it.
    3. After, go on your Facebook page and copy the whole link here.
    4. Post it, and the second pic is what you're supposed to see.
    5. Then, click on the link, and it'll open a new tab with the MV.
    6. Click on play and you'll be good!
    7. Don't replay it, each time it's finished, close the tab, go on Facebook and click on the link you posted.
  3. @jintaellect - regular streaming
    1. stay logged in
    2. search the vid manually
    3. watch the official MV and other BTS vids for 10 mins
    4. clear history/cache every 10 mins
    5. don't refresh the page/leave YT
    6. don't log out/mute/speed up/pause
    7. don't use playlist/incognito/VPN
    8. video quality 360p+
  4. @BTSIndiaFanbase - regular streaming + embed streaming, method 1
    1. Open the YT app/website
    2. watch the video once till the end, and then like and comment
    3. log out
    4. find the video again and use the embed option to share the video to SNS account (Facebook)
    5. Watch as many times as possible! Your IP address cannot be tracked. 
    6. Note: You can use the embed option on phone by changing browser settings to desktop.
  5. @BTSIndiaFanbase - regular streaming, method 2
    1. Open Youtube
    2. Watch the complete MV, like, and comment
    3. Log out
    4. reload MV and watch it till the end
    5. Follow it by watching 2 other videos (preferably Epiphany and FAKE LOVE)
    6. Come back to the MV you are streaming
    7. repeat


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September 2, 2018 6:51 pm  

I'll preface this by saying I only know an informal, moderate amount about computer science at best. 


  • Overall I do believe that we need to not act like streaming robots. Youtube definitely freezes views and discards what they call "low quality" views which they believe may be spam. There are many levels between constantly streaming the video and streaming a few times every hour. I don't personally know what the correct degree is. Personally, I stream the video once, watch a few other videos from BTS or just random people, and then try again. 
  • I don't think clearing history/cache does anything. From what I understand, no matter if you are logged in or not, they can see your IP (I know there are several kinds but they can see at least ONE of them). So it doesn't matter if you're logged in, use diff. accounts, or clear history. Youtube still knows that you were there from that device and/or router. 
  • I don't exactly know what incognito does to actually mask your identity besides not recording browsing history. To me, it seems along the lines of clearing cache/history, which doesn't seem like it would do much to me, so I also don't bother with it. 
  • I do think that we should not pause, skip, speed up, loop, turn down the volume, use a VPN, or press replay. I'm not so sure about playlists, however, I don't use them out of caution.
  • I think that logging in might give a view a little more credibility, so I always log in. 
  • I believe that Youtube pays attention to how you come upon the video. They do have an open metric for that for creators to view for each video, so they do track it. At that, I'm still not sure what the best way open the video is. Searching each time seems like it would be the safest. 
  • I think its very possible that some of our testing may be invalid because of the difference of the scale of the videos. I believe it is completely possible that Youtube uses stricter methods of determining the view's quality for its most popular videos. We already know for sure that they freeze or slow down views after a certain amount to check the quality of incoming views. Presumably, they wouldn't have to do that if they were using the same process as they were before the threshold was reached. 
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