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#FanContentFriday – cypher.artx realistic sketches

Being a teenager and an ARMY at the same time can be tough. Aiming high (or passing) grades while updating yourself with BTS content can be difficult to balance. What more if you are creating fan content? Not only do you update yourself on the latest news about BTS, but you also take your time to create something to share to the fandom.

For today’s #FanContentFriday, let us introduce you to Iommi, also known as @cypher.artx on Instagram. She’s a 16-year-old self-taught artist from UK who has almost 400 followers on Instagram. Iommi does sketches of BTS members, as well as other artists. Recently, she drew the concept photos of some BTS members on the Love Yourself L version using colored pens and paper.

Iommi was kind to let us interview her for #FanContentFriday, and we talked about her projects and goals.

How did you get into creating fanarts and specifically BTS fanart?

I’ve always been drawings, even when I was little I’d love to take a character and just draw them as a way to feel connected. I started doing BTS fanarts when I felt like I’d gotten somewhere with my art and I wanted to show my love for BTS and share it with other people the best way I thought I could, through drawing. 

When did you start creating fanarts?

I drew my first BTS fanart in August 2017 and I remember Being super proud of it as I’d just got some new pencils. 

Tell us more about the drawing process.

I normally take like a week to do a drawing because I normally can’t concentrate on something for a long period of time, on average I’d say I take about 7-8 hours to draw one fanart.

When did you become an ARMY?

I became and ARMY in November 2016. I remember watching a video of someone reacting to blood, sweat and tears and thinking wow they’re so cool and talented!! Then eventually I learnt their names and everything to do with them!

Who is the member that you love drawing?

Jimin! Being my bias I try to make every drawing of his perfect. All of his features are so unique and I love drawing his lips the most!

Who is the member you find most difficult to draw?

I seem to never be satisfied with my Jungkook and Taehyung drawings, I always want to make every member perfect but until recently my drawings of these two members just never lived up to my expectations. 

What inspires you to create these fanarts?

BTS inspire me. Other amazing fan artists inspire me. To be honest, I get inspired by little things such as a change of colour when the season change, history, films etc. 

Do you have an artist that you look up to?

I have so many artists I look up to, especially in the fanart community. @kiiikubb @safe0226 @blueyedragon_ @pavlyukova.alina @yianxg @artluff @yurieem these are just a few of my absolute favourite artists who are so so so amazing at what they do!! 

What is your preferred style of creating fanarts?

My preferred style is realism with coloured pencils however recently I’ve been trying digital art and hopefully I will be able to find my own style soon!

What’s next on your list? Like what next fanart of yours should we look out for?

I’ve been trying to finish my series for the Love Yourself: answer concept photos as I still haven’t finished them! I’m such a slow and bad person I need to make sure I finish them before I start anything else. Although I’m part of an amazing collab at the moment and you should look forward to that because to me it’s pretty amazing! 

What are the usual feedback you receive?

Overall I get positive feedback which makes me feel so warm and happy that I’m producing something good enough for people to think like that!! 

What are your goals, be it in creating fanarts or your personal ones?

My goals? Huh. I want to be able to improve further in all mediums, especially digital and painting so I can add more character to my account. 

What do you want to tell ARMYs?

To every ARMY, whether you be new or have been supporting the boys since day one, you’re all amazing and I thank you all for making this community the best it could possibly be. I feel at home here and I’m sure that we together will take the boys even further!! You’re all amazing people and love yourself!! 

To get more updates from Iommi’s art you can follow her at @cypher.artx on Instagram. Click here to see some of her amazing art!

Interview by: Euni 🌞

Hello! I'm Euni. I'm 21 years of age from the Philippines. I became an ARMY during the HYYH era. My bias is Min Yoongi, while my bias wrecker is Kim Namjoon; but I love them all. I love listening to music, particularly BTS. I also play the violin, dance, read and write stories, as well as watch anime and TV series.

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