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#FanContentFriday – honieart’s vibrant drawings

There are different kinds of artists. Some follow a certain type of style, while there are some who just creates their art depending on what style they feel doing. Some follow linearts, others don’t. But no matter how different their drawing style is, we all know that ARMY fan artists are all amazing.

For this fourth installment of #FanContentFriday, we feature Leo, also known as @honieart on Instagram. Leo has more than a thousand people following her for art updates on the said social media app, and has posted almost a hundred fanarts. Aside from BTS, she also draws other objects she feels like drawing, and they also look fantastic!

Leo allowed us to interview her! We got to know more about her drawing process and more.

How did you get into creating fanarts and specifically BTS fanart?

I always loved to created fanarts for the fandoms I was in!

When did you start creating fanarts?

Around 4 years ago.

Tell us more about the drawing process.

I do the sketch and then the colors. Lineart is something I rarely do. With water color I do sketch, watercolor and then fix a few things with color pencil or to outline the face for example so they stand out.

When did you become an ARMY?

Summer 2015

Who is the member that you love drawing?

I don’t have a preference I love to draw all of them!

Who is the member you find most difficult to draw?

Namjoon…his face shape is really hard to get right for me 🙁

What inspires you to create these fanarts?

The pictures from fansites and other fanartists really inspire me to draw even when I’m not in the mood for it.

Do you have an artist that you look up to?

@safe0226 and @kimjunggius definitely and many more but the list would be endless.

What is your preferred style of creating fanarts? 

I try to just go with the flow and don’t set my mind on one style.

What’s next on your list? Like what next fanart of yours should we look out for?

I’m working on a drawing with all BTS members in it

What are the usual feedback you receive? 

Lovely and encouraging messages from friends and other fanartists!

What are your goals, be it in creating fanarts or your personal ones?

I would love to go to university for art!

What do you want to tell ARMYs?

To start loving ourselves, spread positivity and to just be happy like our boys wants us to be!

You may follow Leo’s art at her Instagram. Click here to see her other fanarts as well!

Interview by Euni ðŸŒž

Hello! I'm Euni. I'm 21 years of age from the Philippines. I became an ARMY during the HYYH era. My bias is Min Yoongi, while my bias wrecker is Kim Namjoon; but I love them all. I love listening to music, particularly BTS. I also play the violin, dance, read and write stories, as well as watch anime and TV series.

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