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#FanContentFriday – @sugukki’s bold styles of colored fanarts!

The use of colors in art can convey different kinds of meaning. Bright colors convey happiness while dark ones represent gloominess. Each color also has a specific meaning, and one of them is Kim Taehyung’s meaning of purple which is love, trust and loyalty. Thus, I purple you became a statement of love between BTS and ARMYs.

For the fifth article of #FanContentFriday, meet Sugie, also known as @sugukki on Instagram. He has over 500 followers on the social media app and posted more than 25 fanarts. Not only does Sugie draw BTS fanarts, but he also draws other idols such as Monsta X and Shinee, which is perfect for multis! Most of his arts uses splashes of color, which easily attracts eyes of other ARMYs.

Sugie granted us the opportunity to interview him! Through this interview, we got to know more about him and his art.

How did you get into creating fanarts and specifically BTS fanart?

I started creating fanart for anime when I was younger and saw the Dope MV when it came out and got drawn in. Over time I’ve loved drawing them more and more and continued drawing them.

When did you start creating fanarts?

I started making fanarts for BTS in 2015 but never posted them. I made an Instagram account last year and posted fanart one for the Dope drawings digitally since I finally got a tablet and because my art has gotten better.

Tell us more about the drawing process.


When did you become an ARMY?

I became an ARMY by 2015.

Who is the member that you love drawing?

Yoongi is my favorite member to draw, especially in my free time.

Who is the member you find most difficult to draw?

Jungkook is the most difficult member for me to draw.

What inspires you to create these fanarts?

The people who like my art and Bangtan themselves.

Do you have an artist that you look up to?

Some artists I look up to are @jiefinch, @kawanocy, and @lordizxy.

What is your preferred style of creating fanarts?

Something colorful, and a messy yet clean style.

What’s next on your list? Like what next fanart of yours should we look out for?

You should look forward to a very colorful series I’m planning on that will happen soon! I’m also doing Inktober and plan on doing most of it!

What are the usual feedback you receive?

Usual feedbacks I get is about my coloring and my choice of colors.

What are your goals, be it in creating fanarts or your personal ones?

My goal is to create a style that distinguishable, but I also want to make people smile when they look down at their screen and be happy when they see my art.

What do you want to tell ARMYs?

I want to tell ARMY that even if you don’t have time to support them, or can’t buy any of their products, it doesn’t make you any less of a fan whether or not you can’t support them in any other ways than showing your love. ARMY love yourself, don’t give up on what you love, I appreciate and purple you very much.

For more updates with Sugie’s art you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Interview by: Euni 🌞

Hello! I'm Euni. I'm 21 years of age from the Philippines. I became an ARMY during the HYYH era. My bias is Min Yoongi, while my bias wrecker is Kim Namjoon; but I love them all. I love listening to music, particularly BTS. I also play the violin, dance, read and write stories, as well as watch anime and TV series.

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