About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to BTS ARMY GUIDE website!

What makes our site different? Well, we definitely aren’t the first ARMY website. There are many great fan sites that provide great content in certain areas. We do not hope to surpass any of them but instead be a bridge to resources found in many places. There are many fan bases in ARMY but finding and navigating them can be extremely difficult. So, we hope we can be a “guide” for ARMY. Second, we hope to be a safe platform for mature discussion. This is not limited to fandom issues. We hope that we can share aspects of our culture and lives as well, and forge connections. Social media can be a somewhat toxic and isolating place at times. All voices should be able to be heard, no matter how many followers they have.

Although the site is fully functional we have plans to expand the capabilities and range off the site via Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, ect. We hope to be able to unite ARMY from all platforms, although our content will mainly be featured here.

Feel free to share your thoughts on any posts, even if you are not registered. If you’re interested in being a part of the community, give yourself an introduction in the forums. Have a question? Drop it in Q&A. Also, you may submit posts or ideas, even if you aren’t a staff member. You can always privately contact a staff member under our “Contact Us” page as well.

We hope that your expectations will be met and exceeded!

BTS ARMY Guide Staff Team

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