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Interacting With Industry Professionals


Note: Please read the Introduction to ARMY Etiquette before reading these guidelines.

Who is considered as industry professionals?

When we talk about industry professionals, we are specifically talking about anyone working in the entertainment industry or the music industry. This can also apply to journalists though we will specifically talk about articles mentioning BTS in another section. Examples of industry professionals are radio djs, news anchors, artists, cover artists and youtubers among others.

Why are our interactions with these professionals important?

ARMYs establishing positive relationship with many professionals in the industry can prove to be a great advantage for BTS: USA ARMYs worked very hard in requesting correctly for BTS to be played on radios and after a lot of negotiating with radio DJs, BTS is now being played more and more by radios all over the country. However, some DJs still refuse to play BTS because they’ve dealt with ARMYs who were very rude to them and now do not want to work with us because of that.

Similarly, there have been incidents with artists, ARMYs attacking them for whatever reason,  that have cause them to stop working members of BTS. We can clearly see that our behaviour can close doors for BTS as well as it can create opportunities for them. It is important to establish a positive image of the fandom that will encourage industry professionals to check out and maybe even reach out to BTS.




What is “clout”?

“Clout” is a word often used on stan Twitter to describe influence and/or popularity, or visibility in a certain circle. Oftentimes, we can see some ARMYs openly criticizing some artists or other professionals, describing their actions as simple ways to “get some clout” whenever they mention BTS. The BTS ARMY is recognized as a very active and passionate fandom, on top of being a large one, and it is easy for anyone to get attention as long as they mention BTS favorably. They easily can also gain attention by criticising BTS, knowing the fandom will rush to defend them. As they say, bad publicity is the best publicity.

However, the music industry relies strongly on the concept of “give and take”, meaning that if we give professionals what they want, they will hopefully give us what we want which is visibility for BTS. Our greatest asset is our strength on social media, the easiest way for us to flatter professionals is to give them attention in the fandom. In return, they can bring positive attention to BTS to more people in the industry. It is then useless to accuse someone of “looking for clout”,  even if this is true, the attention they will gain will most likely benefit us and BTS in the future.


What are some ground rules which are appliable for interacting with any industry professional?


  • Always stay polite! This is essential for establishing lasting relationships with anyone. If we are polite with others, they are more likely to respect us and if we are especially nice, they will look forward to more interactions with us and will help us more.
  • Think and choose wisely though: professionals can be lazy and could present BTS in a way that is clearly not researched and which could sometimes be racist. In this case, of course, spreading and giving attention to that person is not a good idea. Kindly call them out on wrong facts or assumptions they are making, explain what you believe to be the truth, and move on. We cannot just robotically spread incorrect information about BTS. We need to make sure BTS get more attention for the right reasons.


  • Use insults or offensive language. Remember, there is always a real person behind the screen and your words can hurt. If you are angry and feel like you cannot refrain yourself from being impolite in a conversation, then take a breath, wait a few minutes or hours until you have calmed down to come back and continue the conversation.
  • Spam. If they have asked the question and 40 people have already given the same answer in the comments, then your answer will only add to the overwhelming feeling they will have and it will feel as if we are robots. Also, no fanchanting. Fanchants are a great way to rally ARMY’s at concerts or events, but will contribute to the idea of robot or brainwashed fans when presenting ourselves this way to professionals. There are many interesting things to say about BTS, why not talk about that?



Interacting with other artists


  • If they have expressed their admiration for BTS, or their willingness to collaborate in the future with them, explain why you agree with them, share music you believe they might like based on their style, ask them how they discovered them, enjoy and celebrate the fact BTS are getting the attention and respect of other artists.
  • If they have collaborated with BTS, thank them for their work, say what you appreciate about their work, say you maybe look forward to future collaborations and,  if you want to, check out their own work and talk to them about it.


  • If you do not like the artist mentioning BTS then do not attack them or say they are not good enough for BTS. That is for BTS to decide and only them. Perhaps BTS really admired that artist and would be honored to be recognized by them and even work with them and would be sad if we burn that bridge for them. If you cannot deal with that artist, mute them or block them, you are not obligated to interact with them if you do not like them.
  • If you do not like an artist who has collaborated with BTS, then, again, do not attack them or insult them. This could give BTS a really bad reputation in the business and they will likely end up never getting collaboration propositions again. Think that if BTS chose to collaborate with that artist, it means they believed that artist would add something they cannot to their music, and were most likely very excited to work together. BTS have their own will and aspirations and should not base their art and work on what we like or want, so we should not try to impose our will and tastes on them.


Interacting with radio DJs


  • When requesting,  use polite language, say you would appreciate it if they could play BTS, thank them if they have played it.
  • If possible, listen when they actually do play BTS, they will see the number of listeners spike when BTS is playing and will see that are requests produce results, and will be encouraged to play them again.
  • Also, it is also custom among local fanbases to send radio DJs gifts  such as chocolates, flowers and/or a BTS album, when they first play BTS or when they play them regularly. This is a very effective way to create positive relationships with radio stations and they will look forward to working with us in the future. These gifts are usually sent by local fanbases, so try and contact your local fanbase to see if you can help or contribute in any way.
  • Negotiate: often, radio DJs will say they will play BTS if we give them enough likes/rts on Twitter. In this case, comply and try and negotiate to have them play BTS during daytime hours, or several times. Don’t demand or use a presumptuous tone, but show you can haggle and will let yourself be used only if it is worth it for BTS.
  • When requesting, explain the meaning of the song and maybe some lyrics, if they read it they could explain it on air too which will in turn reach their listeners. This is a good way of showing to the general public the beauty of the meaning behind BTS’ songs.

gratitude is the best attitude

Final remarks

  • If you do not like someone, you can completely ignore them, block them, and should not push yourself to interact with them.
  • Think WIBFBTS: What Is Best For BTS? before making any decisions as an ARMY.

I am 19 years old, French and American. Apart from being an OT7 ARMY, I am also an engineering student, and when I am not watching BTS videos you can find me watching movies, series or anime, listening to music, reading fantasy novels or playing video games.


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