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Interacting with journalists and articles about BTS


Note: Please read the Introduction to ARMY Etiquette before reading these guidelines.

Why are news articles and critics’ reviews important?

Articles and other written pieces are an effective way to promote and spread awareness about BTS to the general public. News of BTS breaking records, receiving awards and coming back with a new album are great ways to show the public how active and popular BTS is. When the content of these pieces is well researched, it can even show readers aspects of BTS they might not have discovered otherwise like the Love yourself campaign and other  charity work.

Moreover, critics’ reviews are important in gaining the interest of industry professionals and other critics. Positive reviews will draw the attention to the quality of BTS’ work and earn them respect.

However, misinformed or prejudiced written pieces will further spread ignorance and hate for BTS. This is why it is important for us to be careful of what articles or other media news we choose to give our attention to.


What behaviour is best when dealing with any kind of written piece/news section on BTS?


  • Read the article first.
  • Determine if the piece seems well written and researched, if it is just something written based on biased or prejudiced ideas, or  if it was obviously rushed.
  • If it is well written, thank the writer for their work. They will appreciate it and be more inclined to continue writing about BTS.
  • You can also share it on social media and quote sections you agree with or find well written.
  • You can disagree with an article but still recognize it was well researched. In that case, why not start a discussion in the comments, politely of course, stating what you disagree with and why?
  • If you see someone attacking the writer, engage with them and explain why attacking is not only useless, but it will probably worsen the situation.


  • Spread an article that is obviously prejudiced and meant to grab our attention by provoking BTS. You would only be giving them what they want.
  • Attack or threaten the writer under any circumstance. This is not acceptable.


How should I react if a journalist made a mistake / a typo in their article covering BTS?

  • Check the comment section: there is most likely a whole herd of ARMYs who have already started correcting the journalist’s mistake. In this case, do not add to the confusion. The journalist will most likely correct their mistake as soon as possible.
  • If no one else has, then you are welcome to politely point out the mistake and ask for them to correct it.


How should I react to a critic’s review of a BTS album?


  • Thank them first for their review and point out the parts you agree or disagree with to create discussion.
  • Share the review on social media, perhaps by quoting an excerpt you particularly agree with.


  • Attack the critic for their opinion, it will only worsen their opinion of BTS, and will  definitely not serve to change their mind.


Final remarks:

  • Appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.
  • Again, always read the article before sharing.
  • Trust your instinct! If the article feels prejudiced but you are unsure of your perception, share the link with someone else to discuss and decide on what you should do.
  • Think for yourself. If an article is giving out information on BTS, don’t believe it without doing some research of your own.

I am 19 years old, French and American. Apart from being an OT7 ARMY, I am also an engineering student, and when I am not watching BTS videos you can find me watching movies, series or anime, listening to music, reading fantasy novels or playing video games.

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