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Interacting with the general public

Why is the general public (GP) important for BTS?

For BTS to become mainstream popular artists, the GP has to be aware of them and their songs. For now, BTS is mostly supported by the fandom, which is shown by the fact their charting (in the US at least), is mostly due to pure sales, which we are known for, and not streams, which is the public’s way of listening to music.

This means that although the public is increasingly aware of BTS, they aren’t really listening to the songs.


How do we reach the GP?

The best way to reach the mainstream public is radio (see here our article about interacting with radio djs:, which is why we need to keep on requesting for BTS to be played on the radio.

Another way is media with the continuous news of BTS breaking records or of their amazing performances (see here our article on how to best use the media to our advantage: The public can get curious over who these people are who keep breaking all these records and who everyone is talking about.

However, we can also directly reach the GP by promoting directly to them. This is when our attitude towards locals becomes very important.


How can I promote BTS to the public as a fan?

This is the trickier part of promoting as your comments can easily be dismissed as simply coming from a fan. However, this allows you to really give facts about BTS, which only fans would be aware of, but could potentially  attract the GP, like charity work or the extensive meaning of lyrics. Here are a few guidelines to help:


  • Be enthusiastic, but without fangirling/fanboying. They will be impressed if they realise how much you admire BTS, as long as your behaviour doesn’t come off as that of a delusional fan.
  • Be concise and explicit. Explain clearly what you mean. Rambling on for hours about why you love them will only bore the person you are talking to.
  • Share a link: if they seem to have a very specific taste in music, share one song they might like. If not, share the most recent MV, while dropping a comment about how diverse the music is.
  • Stay polite, as always. In these cases you are literally the face of the fandom.



  • Spam. Although the attention may at first seem flattering, it will get quickly tiring for them and they will decide we are simply bots who keep repeating the same thing.
  • Post inside jokes and memes. This makes BTS seem immature to first time viewers. They have great
  • Brag about our accomplishments. Casually mentioning some of their achievements may be warranted to show them that BTS is relevant and , but it is also very easy to come off as being arrogant, so be careful.




How can I promote BTS to the public as a local?

Although promoting as a fan is more difficult, promoting as a local limits your options too. Promoting as a local means for example posing as a local on twitter (which can be cringeworthy if not done well), or sharing BTS’ music on your personal social media accounts or to people around you.

This way is very difficult for some ARMYs who aren’t openly fans of BTS, but it is a very efficient way of spreading BTS’ name everywhere, considering ARMY’s diversity. A few DOs and DON’Ts for this method of promoting:


  • Share the links to friends who might appreciate the MV or song. Choosing smartly based on taste will make it easier for them to appreciate the song if it’s what they usually listen to.
  • Emphasize on lyrics, choreography, musical diversity or artistic direction based on the person’s interests.
  • When at a party, or simply listening to music with friends, add some BTS to the playlist, with music adapted to the situation, the songs will feel familiar to them later on and they might even ask you about it. And I promise that seeing your friends jamming to BTS is a very nice sight.
  • On Twitter, look for locals asking for music recommendations and drop a BTS link in their DMs, with a little comment about the song. Say why you like it and why they might like it. Thank them for trying it out if they answer back.
  • Stay discreet: your aim is to seem like any other person from the GP who listens casually to BTS. Insisting or popping up everywhere will not seem like a genuine reaction.


  • Insist with haters. Someone who has decided they don’t like BTS because they are a boyband or foreign or anything else will likely not change their mind, and insisting will not help.



  • Think smart. Adapt your recommendation based on the person’s tastes and they might warm up to BTS quicker.
  • Stand proud as an ARMY: you are part of an amazing community and you support amazing artists. Be proud of your tastes and share the positivity.

I am 19 years old, French and American. Apart from being an OT7 ARMY, I am also an engineering student, and when I am not watching BTS videos you can find me watching movies, series or anime, listening to music, reading fantasy novels or playing video games.

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