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Introduction to ARMY Etiquette

What is ‘ARMY Etiquette’?

After noticing some ARMYs behaving in a way that could negatively affect BTS’ career, we have decided to write out guidelines for ARMYs’ behaviour to ensure we all act in a way that will not close doors for BTS.

However, these rules are not compulsory, as we cannot force anyone to respect them. These are suggestions we are making after much reflexion, observation and discussion of the fandom and our interactions with BTS or the general public. We believe this is the behaviour that will most benefit BTS’ career and growth as we continue to support them.

We do not pretend to have all the answers, nor can we guarantee BTS’ success through this behaviour, however it is our belief that ARMY collectively checking our behavior  would go a long way in helping BTS achieve the status of legends they dream of.


So how should I consider these guidelines?

Read them and if you disagree with anything, we invite you to comment under the article to explain what you disagree with and why, in a polite manner of course, so we can discuss together in an open-minded way. If you disagree but do not wish to discuss it with us, you are of course invited to ignore the suggestion you do not approve of as, again, it is not compulsory. If you agree with our guidelines, then you are invited to follow them to the best of your ability, and if possible spread them around you and invite discussion on the way our behaviour might affect BTS.

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What do I do if I see someone not following these guidelines?

First of all, stay polite and open-minded. The aim is to create a discussion, not get the other person to act defensively and aggressively. You can then ask them to re-word their thoughts or delete their message (if the exchange is happening on Twitter for example), and explain why you believe their behaviour might hurt BTS. If you do not believe a rational exchange to be possible with the person concerned, then we invite you to ignore, by blocking for example, this person and move on with your ARMY life.


What are the most important things to remember?

Try and remember above all that everybody is free to act according to their own will (with certain limits of course), so everyone is free to follow these guidelines or not. Don’t forget you can agree to disagree when all else fails.

Remember also that your actions can and likely will influence BTS’ career in the future.

Additionally, remember that your life apart from ARMY is important and you should not neglect your family, friends or studies because of ARMY and BTS.

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Finally, please try and love yourself, ARMY and BTS care about you, and “You’re the one you should love in this world”.

*this time insert Epiphany playing in the distance*

I am 19 years old, French and American. Apart from being an OT7 ARMY, I am also an engineering student, and when I am not watching BTS videos you can find me watching movies, series or anime, listening to music, reading fantasy novels or playing video games.

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