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Most Requested Live (#MostRequestedLive) Requesting Guide

Requesting Dates

Every Saturday each hour from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM (EST)

Requesting Methods


  1. Tweet with the following hashtags: @BTS_twt #MostRequestedLive @MostRequestLive @OnAirRomeo
    1. Example Tweet: “I’m requesting IDOL by @BTS_twt ft. Nicki Minaj on #MostRequestedLive @MostRequestedLive @OnAirRomeo
  2. Retweets do not count.


  1. Comment on their latest post.
    1. Example comment: “I’m requesting IDOL by BTS ft. Nicki Minaj on #MostRequestedLive@bts.bighitofficial @nickiminaj @OnAirRomeo


  1. Comment on their latest post.
    1. Example comment: “I’m requesting IDOL by BTS ft. Nicki Minaj on #MostRequestedLive


  1. Snap mostrequestedlive.
    1. Example snap: “I’m requesting IDOL by BTS ft. Nicki Minaj.”


  1. Text 71021.
    1. Make sure to use the word “I’m” in the text.
    2. You should receive a confirmation response.
    3. Requests are unlimited.
    4. Example: “I’m requesting IDOL by BTS ft. Nicki Minaj.”


  1. Call 855-495-7274.

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