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Project #PinkForPersona

As many of you may know, BTS’s next comeback is soon approaching, with their latest album, Map of the Soul: Persona to be released this Friday, April 12, at 10 AM EST. One simple way you can show your support and excitement is to participate in #PinkForPersona.

The #PinkForPersona project has two parts. The first involves changing your profile picture on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to have a pink filter. The second element of the project is to wear pink on the day of the release and post a picture with the hashtag #PinkForPersona if you wish.

Here are some ways to change your profile picture to have a pink filter on some sites:



  • Add a frame to your Facebook profile picture
    • Go to your profile page.
    • Click your profile photo and then “update”.
    • Select “add frame”.
    • Search “map of the soul persona” and select a frame of your choosing.

This project was created by @LeZArtsLunaires on Twitter.

Hello, I'm Ella. I'm a psychology student from the USA and my native language is English. I became an ARMY in January 2018 and have never had a bias. In addition to BTS, I love books, anime, manga, food, sleeping, spending time with my cats, and writing poetry. You can find me on Twitter as @castles_of_air.

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