Site Rules

These rules apply to all types of content submitted through blog post comments, forum posts, and submissions on BTS ARMY Guide’s website. The BTS ARMY Guide moderation team reserves the right to restrict access to anyone for violating any of the following rules at their discretion and alter any aspect of the rules without advance notice. By commenting, posting, or submitting content to BTS ARMY Guide, you are agreeing to comply with the terms.

  1. Do not post potentially triggering content, such as NSFW, sexual, violent, abusive, self-harm, or graphic content. If you are unsure if the content could be considered triggering, please privately contact an administrator. Just because some content may be allowed in other places does not mean it is allowed here.
  2. Do not post threats of any kind. No matter how vague, they will be taken seriously.
  3. Harassment, dogpiling, and gaslighting towards any user will not be tolerated. 
  4. Do not use offensive language, such as curses or slurs. Censored words are not an exception. If you are unsure if a word could be considered offensive, please privately contact an administrator.
  5. Do not disclose your personal information, such as phone number, address, etc. If you are under 13 years old, please do not disclose your age on this site.
  6. Do not post pirated content. This includes 5th level Fancafe content and VLive+ content.
  7. Do not post fan content that is not completely yours. This includes translations and theories. You may, however, link to the original source. If the original creator requests that the content is removed from our site, it will be removed. Most memes are considered to be public domain, so this rule does not apply to them unless you are trying to take credit for content that is not yours.
  8. Do not plagiarize our content. If you are uncertain of how to properly credit us, please contact an administrator.
  9. Do not overuse caps. Short phrases, such as “LOL, OMG” are okay, but please keep the caps to a few words.
  10. Do not post spam. This includes promotional content that has not been approved by the administration and asking for shoutouts/followers.
  11. Keep on topic. Posts that are off topic in any section will be automatically deleted.
  12. Do not post content from other fandoms that are not involved with BTS. However, if they are involved with BTS in some way, such as BTS mentioning them in an interview or is collaborating with them, it is okay to mention them. Please privately ask an administrator if you are uncertain.
  13. Be respectful and patient to all users. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated. Remember that behind every user, there is a real person with a life elsewhere, emotions, and struggles.
  14. Give useful, specific, constructive criticism. Try to add value in every interaction you take part in. Criticize ideas, not people. Remember to avoid name-calling, ad hominem attacks, responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content, and knee-jerk contradiction. The points of logical fallacy can help with making constructive arguments.
  15. Do not impersonate other users. This applies to users on this site and not on this site.
  16. Do not troll or flame. It is immature and a waste of time. “It was a joke/prank” will not be accepted as an excuse for breaking any rules. In addition, do not engage with users who are obviously trolling.
  17. Do not post/engage in/encourage drama/gossip/arguments about specific people/groups of people. This site is meant to promote respectful discussion, not controversy, fan drama, and fanwars/shipwars. If you see something upsetting outside of the site that you would like to make us aware of, please privately contact an administrator.
  18. Users are responsible for their own account. This means that we will not accept the “it was my brother/sister/mother/father/dog/hacker/etc” as an excuse for breaking any rules.

If you need clarification on any of the rules, please do not hesitate to contact us. If someone is breaking the rules, please report their behavior to an administrator privately and we will take care of the situation as quickly as possible.

Lastly, remember that we create the rules here. We are not restricting your right to free speech by banning you. You may take your opinions elsewhere if we decide to kick you out because they are negatively impacting our community.

Hello, I'm Ella. I'm a psychology student from the USA and my native language is English. I became an ARMY in January 2018 and have never had a bias. In addition to BTS, I love books, anime, manga, food, sleeping, spending time with my cats, and writing poetry. You can find me on Twitter as @castles_of_air.

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