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[Love Yourself: Answer] Streaming

Streaming Goals

Streaming Tips

Charts to Target

  1. Billboard 200 – Billboard’s chart which ranks the top 200 albums.
  2. Hot 100 – Billboard’s chart which ranks the top 100 songs.

If you are not in the USA, can you use a VPN to contribute to Billboard’s charts?

Streams from outside of the USA will not be counted and no, VPNs are filtered by Billboard and Nielsen (the tracking service that Billboard uses). (Source)

When do these charts track streams?

They track streams starting on Friday to the end of the day on Thursday of the next week. The charts are publicly updated on Tuesday. (Source)

Are Premium streams weighted more than free streams?

Yes, this Billboard began doing this in June 2018. SEA (streaming equivalent albums) are counted as follows:

  • 1250 premium streams equal 1 album. (free trials are counted equally to premium streams for the length of the trial)
  • 3750 free streams equal 1 album.

*Youtube Red/Premium is the exception to this. Only the free version counts for Hot 100, and Youtube does not count at all for Billboard 200. (Source)

How many streams are equal to one sold track?

150 on-demand streams equal one sold track (song). This counts for Hot 100. (Source)

If I pause/skip part of the song, will the stream still count?

No, pausing or skipping part of the song may make the stream not count. (Source)

How I prevent my streams from being discarded due to spam playing?

The factors which the algorithms use to determine if a stream is “spam” or not are unclear. It is suggested that you create a playlist that alternates between a random song and the title track. Take a break from streaming for a few hours and come back. Listen to other songs when you can to appear more human. (Source)

Will skipping ads cause the stream to not be counted?

Yes, do not skip ads. (Source)

Does offline streaming count?

Offline streams do not count. The only exception is Spotify, offline streams do count on Spotify. (Source)

If you buy a song on iTunes and continuously play the track, does this count as streaming?

No, this does not count as streaming. If you have both an Apple Music subscription and an iTunes download, remove the download from your library to ensure you are streaming the subscription and unhide it later. (Source)

What method of streaming do you recommend?

Unfortunately, the fandom at large cannot come to a consensus on what streaming methods to use or discard. It is a topic a debate, but we do recommend that you be informed of several methods and have a method that you use. In this thread, we present several and open the discussion to everyone who’d like to share their opinions.


This link is also a very good quick link to use for sharing streaming links.

Spotify (Premium and Free)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj.

Amazon Music Unlimited (Premium)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj.

Apple Music (Premium)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj.

Tidal (Premium)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj.

Youtube (Free)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL official music video.
    2. Epiphany official music video.

Napster (Premium and Free)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj.

Pandora (Free)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj.

Deezer (Premium and Free)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj.

Slacker (Premium and Free)

  1. Streaming focus:
    1. IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj.

Soundcloud (Premium and Free)

No songs from Love Yourself: Answer are available on Soundcloud at the moment.

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