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VIP & (G)eneral (A)dmission standing tips

Standing tickets may it be VIP or GA are a special experience indeed. Some are lucky to be front row at stage or at least those 5-10 rows out of the stage can have a good look onto it and admire the artist up close. Even people further out can have an amazing time, because the atmosphere is different than sitting area. My personal preference is standing and being as close as possible. But some who is perhaps their first time in standing or are not used to it can bring their expectations to shatter. I am in no way an expert of concerts but in my 27 (soon 28 years) I was at many different concerts and I was in standings at everyone of them, so I want to share with you some of my tips and from my friends who were closer to the barricades and in VIP standings these past days, on how to get prepared for it and what to expect, so you can see if this is for you or not.


If you are going to a big concert like BTS, you know there are ridiculous long lines. I advise you not to camp – many venues do not allow it, it is not safe for you or those around, you will not be able to shower, at least not as comfortable as at home or a hostel (do you really want to smell at a standing..where everyone is freaking close. NO YOU DO NOT).img_2234-1

For the London show me and my friend arrived at the venue at 9 am (official time) and we still got a good spot, one of our new friends from the queue even got in front of the stage and this without pushing or cutting the line. My friend queued in the numbering line for Berlin. She got 441 and she just posted a picture of her being in the third row. She did not camp or came at a ridiculus early hour. So you see. You will be just fine.

Bring blankets that you can dispose of before entering the venue and warm clothes you can also dispose before entering inside. Blankets so you can sit comfortable and warm clothes are depending on the weather outside. Queueing will go by fast because you always meet amazing people and make new friends and time flies by fast.

Food and Water

You DO NOT want to be hungry and dehydrated. That can bring to sickness, dizziness, and possibly fainting later. Bring food to the queue. Chips, sandwich, buns, protein bars, chocolates, fruit, crackers, maybe even creme cheese, whatever you like and will stop your hunger. To stay hydrated I advise WATER, yes you can have sprite, or juice or coke but those are sweet things and nothing helps like WATER to stay nice and hydrated, becasue you will sweat a lot in there. Drink it a lot even days before so you really are well hydrated. Peeing is not a problem. People around you understand and hold your place in line, you can switch. And even if you want something more to eat you can tell them and go buy it (bring some for your new friends too and share 😀)DpGrXKpWsAA9-Gq

Importaint: BRING GARBAGE BAGS AND CLEAN AFTER YOURSELVES. We are civilised people here.


You can be stylish while being comfortable. HEELS ARE A BIG NO FOR STANDING. My feet hurt from regular sneakers and I wear ones that have memory foam in them. And wear something light or change into light clothes before entering because it will be hot and you will be sweating like you are in a freaking shower in there. You have to keep in mind that even without camping you will stand outside almost all day and you do not want to be smelly. Bring wet wipes, deodorant, spare shirt and change before entering and freshen up. For queue if you do not want extra baggage wear something cheap or old so you can throw away if you do not have any friends to give it to them before concert.

What to expect inside

So they started letting you inside the venue. Still pretty organised and now you entered the arena and check it out and see where is the best position for you. Personally I prefer to go in by the sides not center stage – side of stage usually means less people and still a fantastic view.  I was in i gues approx. tenth row and it was pretty managable and not bad. My friend who was in third row said she was prepared for it, but it was still bad. She said pushing was insane, specialy when they came to the front and everyone wanted to get a good video or picture and see, so most of the time her view was blocked by phones and hands. She said BTS was close but still pretty far away since the barricade is ofcorse not right at the stage. As I said it will be hot and people will stand close to touching shoulders close..So if you have anxiety and do not like being touched or slightly pushed when people try to go by you or when they dance or jump – this position in crowd is not for you.img_1261-2

You can still be in GA but more at the back where there will be more space and still an enjoyable experience for you. Sometimes people do not always know while they are enjoying and jumping that they might be bumping you, so politely remind them and they will step back no problem at all.img_2230

Remember that if you are nice, people will be nice back. I accidentally pull this girls really long hair and even bumped one with my ARMY bomb on her head. I apologize to both and they were really understanding. They offered water inside so if you had to go to bathroom middle concert and get water it was no problem to get back in and security provided water from front stage to the back but that has not always reach all of the people. In any case there will be people who will bump into you or slightly push you and taller people in front of you. Remember to remind them nicely if they could step a bit back, or if the taller person in front could move a bit to the side. If they do not want to move, please do not stress, ask a person beside you to move more to the side. And again. If you are nervous easily, get anxiety in crowded spaces and don’t like people touching you, everyone around you being sweaty and being really hot. Move to the back or do not even buy GA or VIP tickets (but VIP standings are less crowded than GA) and go for siting option.

All in all..sitting or standing it will be an amazing experience..seeing and hearing BTS live, for some for the first time ever plus meeting amazing ARMYs all over the world at such an event.. It is mindblowing and I still feel like I woke up from a dream and can’t believe it really happened. Do you think this is going to help you decide or make you feel more prepaired for standing? Do you have more questions or did I forgot to mention something? Let me know on twitter or in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article only represent the views of the author and do not represent the views of BTS ARMY Guide, its partners, the sources used, and/or BigHit Entertainment. 

Thank you Euni, Elen, Sarah and Patricia for some of your pictures. Credit comes where credit is due 😜

Pledged to full time ARMY in early 2016. Stationed in Slovenia (Europe). Proofreader and content writter for BTS ARMY Guide since July 2018. Besides BTS, I am a foodie (love to eat all kinds of food, not really cook LoL), certified bookworm, sea lover, on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, positive sunshine

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