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What should I do, if I see BTS by chance?

We all have a wish to see BTS in real life. Some of you are even so lucky you see them by chance and pure miracle, not in concerts or fan signing events but out there wandering the streets while on vacation or while they film Bon Voyage.

It is hard to predict how our mind and body will react when we see our role models in real life. I can tell you how I would react but would I really if the chance would come? Who knows. I hope my brain would be able to function normal and instruct me to act decent.

I read a lot of ARMY written encounters with BTS and some received hate and some were praised for their behaviour.

Based on my observation here is my guideline on how to react or what to do if you spot BTS members near you

  • If you find out that BTS is in your country/city: (no matter how big or small) and ON PRIVATE SCHEDULE please DO NOT GO PURPOSELY LOOKING FOR THEM. They deserve their private time, and live and feel like normal people, away from fans and paparazzi.


  • Should I stare at them in secret? This was brought to my attention when an ARMY posted exactly what they were doing, wearing at the time she saw them from a far, and people accused her of being creepy because, she was very detailed in her post. So I guess staring at them for more than 5 min can be considered a little bit weird. But let’s be honest, they are VISUAL GODS and everyone would have the urge to stare at them a little and take as much info and details in your brain as possible, just try not to exaggerate ok?
  • Should I post my encounter? If you search fame, likes, RTs and possible hate that you can endure, then by all means post, but please post after they leave your city/country, wait a few weeks or even months or if they are filming a Bon Voyage, wait until it is officially out there. We do not want crazy obsessive fans go looking for them and disturbing their
  • If I see them by chance, should I follow them around in secret? This is a definite NO. That is slightly alarming and starting to show a bit of stalking tendencies. Don’t follow them in restaurants/buildings/shops just no! Would you like to be followed arround by some stranger taking pictures of you? They already get their pictures taken by the papparazzi they don’t need for their fans to do the same.
  • Don’t follow idols from airport to hotel. Don’t even take a van/taxi to do that. It’s dangerous for you and for the idols who you’re following.  Take care of yourself and Take care of your idols. An accident come faster than you think. Losing life while following your idols isn’t what you want.
  • Don’t book a room in their hotel. Idols don’t have a lot of privacy. They need time to rest. They need intimity, they’re humans. They don’t deserve to be bothered by 3-4 girls who wanted to see them in pajama.
  • Don’t go inside the hotel. And even worse, don’t hide yourself into toilets to see them. How creepy is that ? Just imagine yourself going to the toilets and see someone who’s waiting for you like “picture ? Sign ? Omg I love you so much” Sweetie it’s night, go back home.
  • What should I do, if I see a post of an BTS encounter by an ARMY? Well if they are still situated in that country/city, if it was live tweeted, posted pictures, videos or just a few hours after, please kindly ask the fellow ARMY to please take it down, and repost it after BTS has officially left or if they are filming something (Bon Voyage) wait for it to be released and post then. Remember-kindness is returned with kindness. DO NOT BULLY THEM, USE MEAN WORDS, ACCUSE THEM OF STALKING WITH NO PROOF, SEND DEATH THREATS OR FIGHT WITH THEM IN COMMENTS. Please resort to writing to them in DMs. If their DMs are closed post a comment that you wish to discuss a concern of yours in private with them. There is a human being with feelings behind each and every account. Remember that. If they posted it after everything is out and they left the country/city and it doesn’t portray some sort of dangerous behaviour (sasaeng) then I personally do not see anything wrong with it.
  • What should I do if i see a post of BTS whereabouts made by a local/not ARMY? Kindly explain the situation trough their DMs or in comment section but do not attack them and be kind. General public recognition is going to be more and more frequent with their gaining popularity and becoming more mainstream and worldwide known artists. They know them but not necessarily listen to them, they are just excited to recognise them and want to spread it

“I’m only human after all” You know this sentence right ? They’re human, as you are. They sleep, eat, sneeze, go to the toilets, fart and … just live. Respect them, take care of them. You’re supposed to love them. Protect the ones you love. They saved a big part of you. Don’t treat them that way if you’re still here thanks to them and their music. Don’t treat them this way at all. And keep in mind that they need you. Without you, they’re just talented boys. Who need love of their fans to live and be happy.

This is my personal view and suggestions on the matter. Do you agree? Disagree? Have better suggestions? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

I also expanded this with some help from the thread made by @KpopInParis

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article only represent the views of the author and do not represent the views of BTS ARMY Guide, its partners, the sources used, and/or BigHit Entertainment. 

Pledged to full time ARMY in early 2016. Stationed in Slovenia (Europe). Proofreader and content writter for BTS ARMY Guide since July 2018. Besides BTS, I am a foodie (love to eat all kinds of food, not really cook LoL), certified bookworm, sea lover, on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, positive sunshine

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