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Why ARMY should not use the hashtag “ASD” for Selca Day

ARMY Selca Day is a day where ARMYs post selfies of themselves in show of support for BTS. The hashtag #ARMYSelcaDay is often used for these posts, but some have been using the shortened #ASD tag or phrase as well. However, this alternative hashtag has been used before and for a very important reason. ASD stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder or Atrial Septal Defects (a congenital heart condition). The hashtag has been used to spread awareness about ASD, but with the amount of ARMY selfies using this hashtag, it has made it difficult for people to find posts related to these disorders among the selfies.

Though certainly not done on purpose, it would be a show of respect if ARMY made sure to use #ARMYSelcaDay (or whatever the trending Selca hashtag is for that day) instead of #ASD. Also, in posts, it is asked that you use the abbreviation ArSD instead of ASD.

This was brought to our attention by the following thread.

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